Chinese Fraud/Scam Report (Goldman Chemical Co.)

We have to inform you that our organisation has been betrayed by a Chinese fraud. He took $20,000 from us and supplied a counterfeit product. After informing him of the false delivery, he insisted he sent the real product and refused to pay compensation.

To warn others, this is the impostor:


Goldman Chemical Co., Ltd (SCAMMER)

Tel: 0086-21-50501799
Email: [email protected]
Skype: crystal_4596
WickrMe: crystalli





thats the BTC address of the scammer (information submitted by JL):



Scientific Awards

Application Awards


Submissions originating from a PhD thesis can be submitted. The PhD thesis must either be in progress or it must have been finalized no earlier than 2018. The author of the paper needs to be subscribed at a university.

Submissions are submitted using the category “PhD Student Paper”. The paper format corresponds to the full paper format of regular submissions.

Submissions will regularly be reviewed and – if accepted – papers will be selected for oral or poster presentation.
As regular submissions, accepted PhD papers will be published within the IOS Press proceedings.

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